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Macnae, W. (1966) Mangroves in eastern and southern Australia. Australian Journal of Botany 14(1):67–104.

Language: English

Names Appearing in this Publication

Name Used Where Applied to... Accepted Name Source of Accepted Note(s)
Uca bellator text p. 77, 79-80, 92, 96 citation: Hess (1865)Gelasimus signatus Uca signata Computed  
    location: Eastern Queensland, Australia Uca signata Crane (1975)  
Uca coarctata text p. 85, 89 location: Eastern Australia Uca coarctata Original  
Uca dussumieri text p. 79-80, 85, 89 location: Eastern Australia Uca dussumieri Original  
Uca lactea subsp. annulipes text p. 77 location: Indian coast of Africa Uca occidentalis Geography  
Uca lactea subsp. lactea text p. 77, 79, 92 location: Eastern Queensland, Australia Uca perplexa Geography  
Uca longidigitum text p. 79-80, 89, 96 location: Eastern Australia Uca longidigitum Original  
Uca sp. text p. 79-81, 85-86 location: Eastern Australia Uca polita Crane (1975) He calls this “Uca unnamed sp. (pink claw)”
Uca sp. text p. 101 location: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia Uca flammula MSR red legs
Uca vocans text p. 85-86, 89 citation: Desmarest (1823)Gelasimus Marionis Uca vocans Computed  
    location: Eastern Australia Uca vomeris Geography  

This Publication is Cited By

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