Pool Mosaic

In the early days of the site I would collect any images of fiddler crabs I could find. One I stumbled across was this small photo of a stylized painting of a fiddler crab from Fiji (at this point I don’t recall if the painting, the crab, or both were from Fiji…the original site is long since gone).

A little over a decade ago, we had to have our swimming pool completely rebuilt. As part of the rebuild, my wife wanted to put some mosaics into the surface of the pool to add some color and style. These included some large swimming dolphins (complete with shadows to give them a 3D effect) and some small turtles on a bench. Obviously, I felt we should have a fiddler crab as well. Of course, you cannot find fiddler crab mosaics for pools (or anything else, for that matter). You can find other crabs (particularly blue crabs), but not fiddlers. It turned out, however, that one of the local tile suppliers could custom build mosaics for you, if you provided them with a design. The above painting seemed like a good starting model, so a little simplification and tile color matching, then…

Our pool mosaic. The figure is maybe 9-12 inches wide.

We are likely the only people in the world with a fiddler crab mosaic in our swimming pool.